Theatre Cleans Up at Districts!

Congratulations to our Theatre students on another successful district competition! Our results are below:

One Act

Straight Superiors Performance, Straight Superiors Tech (Highest possible scores)

Best Supporting Actor- Cameron Mack

All Star cast- Xandra Burnett; All Star Crew- Katherine Vaquerizo

Individual Events

Best in Shows:

Jasmine Forsberg – Solo

Brianna Armenteros, Sofia Francisco, Abby Sommer, Cameron Mack – Ensemble Acting

BinhAn Nguyen, Tram Nguyen, Abby Sommer, Cameron Mack, Gage Anderson, Katherine Vaquerizo – Production Design

BinhAn Nguyen – Technical Senior Scholarship (Only 1 of 4 awarded for the entire festival. This is the third year in a row we have taken this award!!)


In all, 13 events rated as Superior and 11 events rated as Excellent (the two highest scores). Our students were amazing on the stage and off, and definitely made Timber Creek proud with both their talent and their attitude.


Theatre Present’s Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”

Theatre would like to invite everyone to their second production of the year, William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The show is 40 minutes long, and contains music, media, and puppetry, so it is a great “starter” Shakespearean play for those with middle school children. We have showings tonight, Friday, and Saturday at 7pm, Tuesday at 6pm. OCPS employees are always free.

November 10-12 7pm

November 15 6pm

7pm in the Timber Creek Auditorium 

tickets: $10 every night 

$5 admission Thursdays with Student I.D.

OCPS employees are free


For the past 12 years, Prospera, the Sorceress and rightful Duchess of Milan, and her daughter Miranda have been exiled to an island. By conjuring up a storm, the tempest, she plots for revenge on her brother Antonio who usurped her throne, and lures him along with the complicit King Alonso of Naples to the island. With the help of the magical island creatures in her thrall, the sorceress attempts to avenge those who betrayed her by casting a series of spells. Join Prospera as her ploys bring about the revelation, redemption of the King, and the marriage of Miranda to Alonso’s son, Ferdinand.



Successful Month for Performing Arts!

The past month has been a very successful one for Timber Creek Performing Arts!

Band had a wonderful fall concert that featured a number of hit instrumental pieces, including a selection from the Regiment’s fall show. In addition, Regiment received Straight Superior ratings at their District Assessment!  The program received this distinction for the 16th consecutive year.  We are so very proud of our students and their efforts on our school’s behalf!

Chorus had a very successful fall concert where they performed songs dealing with the theme of Passion and Compassion: life, joy, and using what you love to do to help others. Several students also sang in honor choirs hosted by the Festival Singers of Florida, a professional level choir consisting of members from across the state of Florida. The students accepted to this honor did a wonderful job and sang in a concert that helped raise money for the One Orlando Fund. In addition, several students participated in the Florida American Choral Directors’ Association Male Honor Choir and Senior Honor Choir, which featured a wonderful concert of men’s choir music and a performance of Mozart’s Requiem with orchestra. Finally, we are pleased that three of our students were accepted into the All-State Choirs that meet in January in Tampa, a high honor considering the rigorous process that all students must go through in order to qualify.

Orchestra had a wonderful Halloween-themed fall concert! The students played spectacularly. They have also organized several performances around the school to enrich the days of the students at Timber Creek. In addition, we have several students that were selected to participate in the OCPS All County Orchestra this Thursday through Saturday.  This is a great honor and we are very proud of our students.  The concert is on Saturday, 11/12 at 4 pm at Cypress Creek HS with free admission. Congratulations to these outstanding musicians!

The TC Elite Dance Team received straight superiors this past weekend at the Orange County Dance Expose; one for a faculty choreographed piece and two for student choreographed pieces.  We are very proud of the team!  They not only showcased their beautiful talents, but handled themselves like professionals.  In addition, several students were chosen to be a part of All County Dance, the highest honor in Dance in our county.

Theatre‘s performance of Lend Me a Tenor was hilarious and well-crafted, displaying the outstanding talent this program boasts both onstage and behind the scenes. They have been working diligently to prepare their acts for the District Showcase coming up next week, where students will perform numerous small and large ensemble numbers, including a presentation of the upcoming production of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.